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Friday, May 13, 2011

Stop Social Security Number Identity Thieves: They're Ruining Your Child's Credit

Robbing the Cradle
Identity thieves could be ruining your child’s credit history now and/or before your child was even born. Enterprising thieves have been taking advantage of their understanding of how Social Security numbers are assigned to get your child’s number and use it to run up huge debt and financial problems for your children. This has been going on for years without victims knowing. This is a national problem with little to no effort to capture or prosecute the thieves by police. So why do we have this identity theft crisis that could ruin your child’s credit history before they’re born?

It's in the Numbers
Social Security numbers are assigned before children are born. The way Social Security numbers are formatted is the key to these scams. The first three numbers in a Social Security Number represent the state that the person is born in. The last six numbers are a code for the person’s birthday. Identity thieves use this knowledge to create and use fake Social Security numbers that they use for years before they’re discovered if they’re discovered.

Living the Life (Your Child's)
Social Security identity thieves use the stolen numbers to purchase anything from mortgages to automobiles to personal loans and anything else they chose to use it for. An identity thief has even declared bankruptcy using a child’s stolen Social Security Number. They can get away with this because lending institutions verify social security numbers are active numbers but they don’t verify the name associated with the number. You would think that the Social Security Number and name would be verified together but that’s not the case. Lending institutions don’t take the next step to verify the name associated with a Social Security Number because the government charges a fee for it. So the thieves have the advantage of using the stolen numbers for years until an unsuspecting victim tries to use their credit.

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