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Friday, April 8, 2011

Add Free News Feeds to Your Website

Add a FREE RSS news feed to your blog


get fresh content updated on your blog daily

RSS is Really Simple Syndication

Readers can scan RSS news headlines & summaries quickly

Add these "news headlines" to your blog

Increase your page views 

Here's a sample of a

Free Feedzilla RSS "Entertainment" feed below

To Get Your Feed

Do a Google search for RSS feeds

This is what the search returned when I did it

Choose a niche news feed to match your blogs content

from one of the sites on the list from your search like the

Available Google News Feed


The Free RSS News Feeds

Let's use the website Feedzillza.com for an example of how to make a free RSS feed like the "Entertainment" feed above.

(Hey! These are free feeds)

1. Type Feedzilla.com into your browsers address bar. The Feedzilla homepage should look something like this.

2. Click on the orange "I want my newsfeed!" square on the bottom  left.

3. That should open the newsfeed categories page that looks like this.

3. Click on the "Entertainment Television" feed on the bottom right.
(That should open the RSS feed.Here's a partial screenshot.)

Hint: From here you can click on the subscribe button at the top of the page and post to your blog or you can post the field on your blog in a feed reader. Let's look at how to build a feed reader for your site using our example. Copy the URL of this feed to your computers clipboard.

1. Let's use a site called RSSinclude to make our feed reader. Click on the link or type RSSinclude.com into your browsers address bar and click enter. You should get the RSSinclude homepage.

2.  Go ahead and register for a free membership or get the paid membership if you prefer. You get ten free RSSboxes, which are just RSS reader widgets, with the free membership. They display text and images in a customizable rectangular area on your post.

3. Once you're registered, it's time to build an RSSbox. Click on the "Create a new RSSbox!" button or the "START NOW" link.

4. Choose the "Simple Tabloid" style template from the template page.

5. This opens the RSSbox "editor." Remember that Feedzilla Entertainment feed URL you copied to your computers clipboard? Paste that into the RSSbox editor "Add Feed" field now and click "Add Feed".

6. That should show our Feedzilla Entertainment feed in an "unstyled" "Tabloid" style RSSbox. (To style your boxes colors, line weights, fonts and more, click on the "Content and Styling Options" tab on top of the editor.

7. When you're done styling your box, click the "Include" tab on top of the editor.

8.Choose "how" or "where" you want to include your RSSbox from the editor.

9. Copy the RSSbox HTML code to your computers clipboard from the "Your Code" field in the editor.

10. Go to your website and paste the code into your post. If you're using a host other than Blogger, your site may have special instructions for entering the code to display your RSSbox. Look in the help utility if you have trouble entering the code. If you're using Blogger, you should have an RSSbox with an entertainment feed similar to the one above.


Friday, April 1, 2011

Tax Payer Advocate Service - IRS Help With Tax Debt

If you're having problems paying the IRS, the IRS has internal resources to help you get relief from your tax burden. The home page of the Tax Payer Advocate Service states, "As an independent organization within the IRS, we help taxpayers resolve problems with the IRS and recommend changes that will prevent the problems. We are “Your Voice at the IRS.”

The Tax Payer Advocate Service news feed below has links to information and video about the type of help individuals, small businesses and tax professionals can get from their service.