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Monday, November 15, 2010

Hot New Music Game - Loopz

This is a video of the hot new music memory game called Loopz. Loopz is a high-energy single or multi-player game made by the Mattel toy company. The game was originally aimed at young people but people of all ages have taken to it. Remember how much fun you had playing Simon? Think about an updated version of Simon and you get the idea behind Loopz. Watch the video and then click on the Amazon ad to order your Loopz game today!

The goal of the game is to test your memory and reflexes by challenging you to match a pattern of lights and music. It's so much fun that people are eager to get up and get moving when it's time to play. Loopz is simple enough for young players but challenging enough for older players. Another great thing about Loopz is that it's family friendly.

Loopz is available in the original and a "Special Edition Chrome" version of the game. Great birthday or Christmas gift!

Click the Amazon links and order yours today!